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CAA 2014 Tree Climbing


Thank you to everyone who helped! 

**A Note From Our 2014 Chairman, Charles Smith**

A Full List Of Sponsors Will Follow Soon!

We hope to see you all again next year!

2012 Results

  • Click here for the results from the preliminary events held on April 28.
  • Click here for the results from the Master's Challenge on April 29.
  • Click here for a list of all the 2012 CAA TCC Contestants

Pictures from the 2012 Tree Climbing Championship are now on the web at http://charlottearborists.shutterfly.com.  You can view them without being a member, and you can add your own pictures from the event (if you join).  Just remember to keep it clean, folks. Nothing lewd, crude or socially unacceptable.


Click here for the updated 2012 event flyer.

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You can find 2011 results by clicking here.


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